Calving Season at the Ranch

Published on April 10, 2018

Oh, calving season! For folks that aren’t too familiar with this season, you may be curious as to why us Rancher’s get so excited. Calvings season reminds us the cycle of life on the ranch, and bolsters our enthusiasm for the Spring and Summer season to come! Calving season offers you an incredible opportunity to learn & discover life on a working cattle ranch!

What is Calving Season?

For those unfamiliar with calving season, it is the time of year calves are born. This can vary from place to place, depending on what the Rancher prefers as well as the environment and resources available to the farm. Typically, calving occurs when resources on the farm are abundant (tall grass, a water supply, and plenty of hay). For Montana Hill Ranch, calving starts around March and continues for the 14 – 60 days following.

The season is not without hard labor and sleepless nights, and results in extremely rewarding moments and, every once in a while, some heartbreak when things don’t go as planned. We spend more time with our cows and calves than we do each other at this time of year, to monitor the health of the mother & calf and ensure all our animals are receiving proper care & nutrition.

Can I be Involved? 

During the calving season, we are happy to have the guests at our Ranch take part in the daily chores and activities surrounding. We have always enjoyed teaching people about calves and how we take care of them for the first year of their life, and it’s always exciting when our guests prefer to be a part of the excitement! If you’re interested in farm animals and how they live on a Ranch, calving season is a great time to book your stay! With Winter pricing and less road traffic, you’ll have the ability to truly relax & regenerate, all the while learning a little more about Ranch life! 

Despite the fact this time of year can be exhausting for everyone involved, we know the long hours are worth it and results in new friends on the farm. Bringing new life to the Ranch is such an amazing feeling. But be warned! When calving season ends at the Ranch, weaning and breeding season are next – more exciting times worth the labor for the rewards.

Below we have a list of terms we use throughout the year at our Ranch when we talk about our cattle and calving time! How many do you know? 


  • Calves are baby cows, less than one year old.
  • Bull calves are male calves.
  • Dam’s are the mothers of calves.
  • Heifer’s are first-time moms. They have never given birth before and therefore may need extra help during the process. Heifers may take longer to calve than those with a bit more experience!
  • Yearling – a yearling cow is in the second year of its life.